Water Damaged Hardwood Flooring

When a pipe that runs through your house's walls or under your residence's foundation establishes a leak, the constant stream of water from the broken pipe creates a pool under your foundation's "slab" and may trigger major water damage. When the … [Read more...]

San Diego roof leaks

Have you discovered a roof leak after the recent rain? We have been working hard to help homeowners that have suffered San Diego roof leaks and water intrusions from the rain. Should this type of damage strike your home or business call Gold Coast … [Read more...]

11 Tips You Need to Know After Smoke or Fire Have Damaged Your Home FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) - May 15, 2014 - SAN DIEGO -- With unseasonably hot, dry, and windy weather, San Diego has once again suffered a catastrophic wildfire … [Read more...]

San Diego water damage experts

Have you had home flood damage in San Diego?  You may be able to prevent having a moldy carpet after water damage by following these 6 steps. The sooner you start tidying up after water damage, the much better opportunities you have of preventing … [Read more...]


Home inspections are a standard part of a real estate transaction. But making sure the roof is sound and the plumbing is up to code isn't enough: The cost of mold inspection vary widely and it is based on the size of the property, extent of the mold … [Read more...]

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By Lee Wallender,          Home Renovations About.com Exactly what happens when a mold remediation company shows up at your house to begin mold remediation? Don't Be Alarmed by The Men in White Suits As with any other potentially hazardous … [Read more...]

San Diego water damage dryer

Water damage if left untreated, can be very expensive.  This can be especially true if you have damage your walls or flooring.  But in some cases the indications of  bathroom water damage  is not totally noticeable. Look for the followings rather … [Read more...]

Roof Leak

Water Damage Prevention and Response - As the first significant winter storm bears down on San Diego, it is important for San Diego homeowners to take precautionary measures to limit the risk of water damage to their homes – and also to know how to … [Read more...]

San Diego indoor mold

San Diego household mold contamination can manifest in many different ways from a plethora of sources. Anytime moisture or humidity levels within your home become elevated beyond acceptable levels, mold growth can manifest and cultivate. Any type of … [Read more...]

Mold remediation in San Diego

5 tips for Preventing Mold Problems in Your Home  Exactly what steps should you take if you see  mold problems developing? Listed below are five ideas:    1. Consider the facts. The idea of having mold inside our homes is horrifying for … [Read more...]