El Cajon, CA Air Conditioner Condensate Leak and Water Damage Repair

As temperatures rise in El Cajon, so does the use of air conditioners.  It is not uncommon during this time of year to see leaks that originate in the condensation system of air conditioners.  The water damage or mold damage that may present itself in your home may seem like a regular plumbing leak.  If it is occurring during times when the air conditioner is being used, then you may have a condensation line or pump leak.


Water Damage To Ceiling From Condensation Line Leak

Water Damage To Ceiling From Condensation Line Leak


The highly trained technicians at Gold Coast Flood Restorations are here to help you get your El Cajon home repaired from water damage.  It is imperative that this damage is treated quickly to prevent the growth of mold.  Please call the Gold Coast Flood Restorations hotline for water damage repairs at 888-373-9243 to schedule a knowledgeable technician to come evaluate the damage to your home.

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